Product and Solution Needs at WEST 2017

Attendees are looking for your Emerging Systems, Platforms, Technologies and Networks.


Aerial Targets 

Air Countermeasures 

Air Traffic Control 

Aircraft Components & Propulsion 


Anti-Aircraft Systems 


Anti-Submarine Systems 

ASW Equipment 


Bandwidth Compression and Synchronization 


Battle Damage Assessment

Big Data Solutions




Cable, Wire, Fiber Optic 

Chemical/Bio Defense 

Coast Guard Systems and Technology

Collaboration & Collaborative Tools 

Combat ID Perimeter Security 

Common Operating Picture (COP) 

Communication Systems 

Computer Hardware and Software 

Computer Network Defense 


Cyber Security Solutions

Data Architecture 

Data Encryption 

Data Manipulation and Analytical Tools 

Data Mining & Warehousing 


Direction Finders 

Display Systems & Software 


Electronic Components  

Electronic Systems

Electronic Warfare Equipment

Electronic Warfare & Detection

Emergency Communications  

Encryption Devices

Enterprise Architecture  

Facilities Management  

Graphic Informational System/ Remote Sensing

Global Positioning Systems  


Homeland Security  

Improvised Explosive Device Countermeasures 

Imaging Systems/Solutions

Information and Intelligence Fusion

Information Operations, Assurance and Security  

Information Security  

Infrared Components & Systems  

Interoperability – Joint and Coalition  

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Airborne Platforms

Joint Deployment & Rapid Distribution  

Knowledge Enabled Logistics

Knowledge Management & Leadership Decision-Making  

Marine Systems and Technology

Medical Technology  

Mine Countermeasures 

Mine Warfare Systems

Missile Systems

Mobile Solutions

Multi-Level Security  

National Missile Defense  

Navigation Systems  

Navigational Systems and Devices  

Network Centric Warfare  

Network Enterprise Management  

Networks (LAN/MAN/WAN)

Night Vision Equipment  

On-the-Move Voice and Data Comms

Power Conversion & Distribution  

Power Sources  

Power Supplies  

Propulsion Systems  


Racks Cabinet & Cable Runway  

Radar and Surveillance Capability Enhancements  

Radar Systems  

Radio Frequency Identification

Rugged Computers, Displays, Enclosures and Systems  

Satellite Communications

Search & Rescue Equipment  

Secure Comms – Voice and Data Radios  

Secure Identification

Secure Tracker

Shared Intel Databases at Multiple Security Levels 

Ship Building & Maintenance 

Ship Systems and Technology

Signals Intelligence

Simulation & Modeling  

Small Boat Systems and Technology

Small Business  

Space Communications/SATCOM  

Special Operations  

Storage Area Network Services  

Streaming Video 

Submarine Systems & Technology  

System Sensors

Targeting and Target Acquisition Systems  

Underwater Systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  

Unmanned Land Vehicles

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Video Conferencing Systems  

Visualization Technologies  

Voice Communications  

VTC – C2 System  


Weapon Systems

Wireless Communications  

Wireless Solutions, Networking and Security