Why San Diego?

Defense and National Security Budgets are Shifting to the Asia-Pacific Region:

  • The Asia-Pacific region is home to three of the largest economies in the world.
  • Asia-Pacific has surpassed Europe as the world’s second largest navel market.*
  • The region will spend $200 billion on new ships and submarines by 2032.*
  • At least 100 new submarines will be added to the regional navies, making up 40% of new-build vessels.*
  • The region will acquire or construct 1,000 new warships of at least 30 meters long.*
  • Weapon systems will be purchased and old systems upgraded.*
  • Fighter fleets, airborne early warning aircraft, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare systems will be acquired and improved.*
  • C4ISR capabilities will be modernized.*
  • Unmanned system fleets will be added and expanded.*

(*source: AMI International, a US-based naval analysis firm.)

San Diego is:

  • One the most diversified and highly funded defense communities in the world and the home of WEST 2017. It’s the ideal event and premier location for Defense Contractors to showcase their solutions.
  • At the center of one of the largest concentrations of military in the world, which means easy access to the decision makers looking for your emerging technologies and equipment.
  • Central to major military commands and agencies including the U.S. Third Fleet, Naval Surface Forces, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet and Naval Air Forces.
  • More Than 150,000 Military and Civilian Government Personnel Are Within 35 Miles of San Diego — San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation