WEST 2019 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

AFCEA and the U.S. Naval Institute have developed an enhanced sponsorship program for WEST 2019 that will offer maximum visibility to those who participate! What better way to make sure you stand out and increase your exposure than at this foremost event in which industry leaders can learn about military requirements and connect with decision makers and operators, where senior military and government officials can gain feedback from sea service warfighters, and where industry thought leaders will discuss and demonstrate sea service solutions? Sponsorship opportunities are offered at a several investment levels, ensuring your ability to participate.

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Enlisted Superior Performer Awards

The Enlisted Superior Performer (ESP) Award presented by the U.S. Naval Institute and AFCEA International recognizes the service of those military members who have been selected by their commands for particularly superior service in the past year.  Recipients are awarded one-year memberships in both AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute.  This year’s ESPs will be recognized at the WEST 2019 Conference, February 13-15, at the San Diego Convention Center.  This award presentation has been a feature of this conference for several years.

ESP Nominees to Be Recognized Wednesday, February 13:

Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet
CS1 Aramis Aquino, USN
BM1 Priscilla Bailey, USN
LN1 SueAnn Braun, USN
IT1 Andrew Bunton, USN
BM1 Dennis Castro, USN
EM1 Clinton Causey, USN
ET1 Mark Douglas, USN
DC1 Parks Dustin, USN
OS1 Jason Escalante, USN
QM2 Keenan Fisher, USN
IT1 Emily Guidangen, USN
NC1 Ryan Holland, USN
EN1 Kyle Lavinier, USN
HM3 Leticia Luna, USN
AC1 Talyssa Martin, USN
EN1 Oscar Mayfield, USN
YN1 Emmanuel Mcglone, USN
STG1 Jerrick McMillan, USN
IC1 Nicholas Natelli, USN
HT1 Magdaleno Perez, USN
HM1 Aaron Pines, USN
CS1 Ronald Sampson, USN
EN1 Roberta Sherman, USN
EM1 Raoul Simms, USN
CS1 Timothy Tyson, USN
HM1 Michael Wade, USN
YN1 Tyrell Washington, USN
FCA1 Jason Weiss, USN
ET1 Jesse Wilson, USN

Navy Special Warfare Command
IS1 Anne Jones, USN

Surface Mine Warfighting Development Center

Naval Air Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet
AZ1 Arlana Alcala, USN
AWS1 Cesar Huerta, USN
AO2 Jasmine Johnson, USN
CS2 Julius Johnson, USN
AWR1 Habran Lara, USN
AWR1 Kevin Ledford, USN
CMDCM Tiffany Magee, USN
AWR1 Brandon Reed, USN
AWR1 Daniel Tarich, USN
AD1 Jeffrey Trumble, USN
AE1 Brandi Wong, USN
AWS1 Aldrete Xavier, USN

FCC Andrew Baker, USN
LN2 Tyler Belz, USN
Sgt Javier Espinoza, USMC
OS1 Nestor Gutierrez, USN
OS1 Stephanie Hardy, USN
FC1 Roman Kennedy, USN
LS1 Robert Olayvar, USN
IT2 Anthony Ramirez, USN

Undersea Warfighting Development Center
YN1 Tiffany Anaba, USN
IS1 Marisol Besson, USN
YN1 Jonathan Edwards, USN

ESP Nominees to Be Recognized Thursday, February 14:

Navy Medicine West
HM1 Janice Beard, USN
HM3 Savannah Casey, USN
HM1 Miwa Castro, USN
MACS Delilah Clymer, USN
HM2 Shannen Cobb, USN
HM2 Curtis Cortez-Poole, USN
HM1 Gabrielle Deloera, USN
HM2 Richard Herd, USN
OS1 Lawanda Glenn, USN
HM3 Bridget Lopez, USN
HM3 Kevin Matthews, USN
HM1 Michael Peters, USN
HM2 Michael Pilati, USN
HM1 Joseph Vargas, USN

Navy Region Southwest
ACAA Raekwon Brinson, USN
ET3 Kyra Citizen, USN
LS2 George Flores, USN
BM2 Michael Kimbrough, USN
MA2 Diego Lew, USN
CSS1 Samuel Lewis, USN
BM3 Ray Nunley, USN
MA1 Kale Pemberton, USN
BM2 Victor Soriaortiz, USN
BM2 Victor Soriaortiz, USN
MA3 Anthony Vazquez, USN

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
LS2 Joseph Berry, USN
ITCM Samantha Corbin, USN
ND1 Kyle Coughlin, USN
IT1 Narcisco Cruz, USN
ETCM Jason Dupre, USN
ETC Jeff Durham, USN
YN3 Tamera Graham, USN
ITCS Darryl Hopson, USN
ITS1 Michael Loiacono, USN
LS2 Carlos Marcos, USN
YN1 Demont McMillian, USN
AVCM Michael Moncus, USN
YN2 Richard Palmieri, USN
YN2 Ashley Patterson, USN
ITCS Theresa Riley, USN
IT1 Dustin Rogers, USN
LS1 Gregory Sarnoski, USN
PS1 Phetsamy Sengdaoellis, USN
YN2 Jason Smith, USN

ESP Nominees to Be Recognized Friday, February 15:

Coast Guard Sector San Diego
MK2 Jason Bravo, USCG
MK2 Stoycho Getsov, USCG
AMT2 Ian McCracken, USCG
EM2 Nicholas Tschaeche, USCG
SN Liam Westlotorn, USCG

I Marine Expeditionary Force
Sgt Aaron Alford, USMC
Sgt Daniel Baacke, USMC
Cpl Christine Beard, USMC
LCpl Payson Brooks, USMC
Cpl Detrick Brown, USMC
Cpl Natalie Camarena, USMC
Sgt Mekhi Collier, USMC
Sgt Robert Dewitt, USMC
Sgt Herbert IV Files, USMC
Sgt Harrison Fitz, USMC
Cpl Angel Garcia, USMC
Cpl Michael Griffin, USMC
Sgt David Hernandez, USMC
LCpl Justin Jangula, USMC
LCpl Alexander Lang, USMC
Cpl Sydney Munn, USMC
Cpl Bret Rivera, USMC
Sgt Alan Rooney, USMC
Sgt Claire Souder, USMC
Sgt Marizol Velazquez, USMC
Sgt John Wood, USMC

Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One
SSgt David Braga, USMC

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
Sgt Casey Eccles, USMC
SSgt Bryan Hagan, USMC
SSgt Ebru Kisnak, USMC
LCpl Daniel Sager, USMC

Marine Corps Air Station - Yuma
Sgt Miguel Alfaroplancarte, USMC
Sgt Talitha Bunn, USMC
CPL Randall Lopez, USMC
LCPL Alyssa Morales, USMC

Marine Corps Communication-Electronic School
SSgt Cole Lemon, USMC
SSgt Deonco Williams, USMC

Marine Corps Installations West
SGT Lionel Ahing, USMC
LCPL Desiree Curiel, USMC
SGT Ashton Favela, USMC
SGT Scott Kramer, USMC

Marine Corps Recruiting Depot – San Diego
Cpl Jake Brown, USMC
CPL Michelle Lescano, USMC
Sgt Alexander Morgan, USMC
CPL Grayston Noyes, USMC
CPL Jonathan Richard, USMC
Sgt Mason Scarbrough, USMC
Sgt Dwight Waggoner, USMC
Sgt Thomas White, USMC

Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity
Cpl Alexander Crow, USMC
Sgt Joshua Minor, USMC

USS Key West
ITSC Brazelton De Leon, USN
ITS2 Michael Latocha, USN
ITS3 Key Legette, USN
ITS3 Nathan Miller, USN
ITS2 Daniel Schmenk, USN

Wounded Warrior Battalion - West
SSgt Marisa Alfaro, USMC
SSgt Karen Castellucci, USMC
Cpl Rothony Set, USMC