WEST 2022 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

AFCEA and the U.S. Naval Institute have developed an enhanced sponsorship program for WEST 2022 that will offer maximum visibility to those who participate! What better way to make sure you stand out and increase your exposure than at this foremost event in which industry leaders can learn about military requirements and connect with decision makers and operators, where senior military and government officials can gain feedback from sea service warfighters, and where industry thought leaders will discuss and demonstrate sea service solutions? Sponsorship opportunities are offered at a several investment levels, ensuring your ability to participate.

Browse available options below, or jump to specific categories: Patron Packages, Individual Sponsorships and Advertising Opportunities. Branding Opportunities will be available soon.

The deadline to be included in sponsor signage is Friday, January 21st.

Thought Leadership - Learn from Key Industry Leaders

Aqua - Booth 3016

Securing the Build, Infrastructure, and Workloads Across Cloud Native Environments

Aqua Security helps organizations to minimize their security risk exposure and enforce compliance across their cloud native application lifecycle and infrastructure. Aqua’s solutions empower security, operations, and DevOps teams to facilitate best practices without impeding established workflows. Aqua provides comprehensive controls and deep, actionable insight to accurately detect and prioritize risks and to accelerate remediation.

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Blue Prism - Booth 3016

Achieving the Trifecta of Cybersecurity Governance with a Hybrid Workforce

Cybercriminals have looked to exploit new opportunities that have arisen with millions of citizens turning to digital services for the first time, including many without an understanding of what is ‘safe’ within their digital engagements. Public sector employees have also helped to increase the size of the cyber target for criminals by accessing IT applications and infrastructure remotely and relying on online identity verification checks.

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CACI International - Booth 1531 & MR2

Driving Speed to Fleet

Our Spectral solution brings together best in class SIGINT, electronic warfare (EW), and cyber capabilities informed by extensive mission expertise to achieve the Navy’s key program objectives. CACI uses world-class Agile software development and DevSecOps to provide critical warfighting capabilities at the speed of need. CACI’s system design provides the government with industry best practices in microservices, big data analytics, and system resilience to provide maximum capability, flexibility, maintainability, and upgradability with the lowest overall life cycle costs.

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Capgemini - Sponsor

Journey towards a Model-Based Enterprise

Every major aerospace and defense operation in the world is pursuing model-based initiatives at some scale. Some are finding new ways to compete by aligning their entire operations – from design to manufacturing to sustainment – to utilize new practices and technologies such as 3D models, digital twins/digital threads, simulations, advanced analytics, and other emerging technologies. Many are gaining new competitive advantages, superior customer outcomes, and more profits. Some have programs in place.

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Cisco - Sponsor

Enabling DoD Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Transformation through Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing

Underpinning Industry 4.0 is a digital transformation that is sweeping across the manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, transportation, and other associated industries. It is modernizing their operations and helping them achieve greater insight and efficiencies. The transformational roadmap enacted by these industry leaders can be adapted to provide a secure platform that transforms Navy Shipyard MRO operations―delivering significant mission benefits for the U.S. Navy.

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Deloitte - Booth 1331

Leading the Way with an Adversary Focus

In April 2021, based on a tip from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and aided by public sanction data from US Department of Treasury, a social media company took down a massive cross-platform network. The network had been peddling mis- and disinformation, now recognized as a critical national cyber threat. The operation to take down the network is noteworthy not only for its scale--featuring more than 900 websites, social media accounts, groups, and pages across multiple platforms--but also because of how it unfolded: The operation focused on adversaries, not technology, and it took significant coordination to pull off.

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EDB - Sponsor

How the EDB Postgres STIGs Can be Used to Secure Your PostgreSQL Database

Increasingly organizations are turning to the use of PostgreSQL for their database needs. As my colleague, Simon Riggs here at EDB says, “PostgreSQL’s speed, security and robustness make it suitable for 99% of applications, so it’s a great starting place for any application.” This suitability is one of the main reasons why PostgreSQL has become so popular. PostgreSQL’s inherent security features are why organizations are able to use it with confidence.

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Juniper - Booth 2516

Federal Organizations Need a Mission-First Network

Cyberwarfare has been described as the future of conflict between nations, whether that action is attacking another nation’s critical infrastructure such as the power grid or Internet, using resources to hit military-specific targets such as weapons systems or R&D programs, or stealing classified or top-secret information. Beyond offensive techniques, our nation needs cybersecurity experts to defend against other nations and make sure that critical functions proceed unhindered.

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Leidos - MR 16&17

Transformation Begins Now

At Leidos, our mission is to make the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through technology, engineering, and science.And everything we do is built on a commitment to do the right thing for our customers, our people, and our community. Our deep expertise in mission-focused solutions accelerates our customers’ digital transformation objectives.

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Netscout - Booth 1811

Network Security Without Borders

In 2011, industry visionary Marc Andreessen wrote a now famous article titled, Why Software is Eating the World. The article correctly pointed out that software is at the heart of every modern industry—from retail to healthcare, to transportation, to financial services, and so on. Ten years later, Andreessen’s prediction is certainly true. It could be argued that this trend accelerated over the past few years, driven by digital transformation, cloud computing, and an increasing population of remote workers.

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Proofpoint - Booth 2935

People-Centric Cybersecurity from a Federal Perspective

Federal departments and agencies employ millions of personnel to carry out the missions and functions that the American public relies on for its well-being. The federal government provides the operational capability for the world’s greatest superpower, providing a wide range of critical missions and functions: providing for the common defense, securing our nation and its infrastructure, conducting our nation’s diplomacy, providing care and benefits for veterans, promoting economic prosperity and financial security, creating and maintaining our nation’s nuclear capabilities and hundreds more.

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Trellix - Booth 2831 & MR1

Bring your security to life with Trellix

Today’s world is full of dynamic threats that are growing more complex every day. This poses a major challenge for organizations. With a static and siloed approach to security, these businesses often find they’re unable to handle the constantly changing nature of today’s threat environment.To keep pace with dynamic attacks and ensure greater peace of mind, organizations are on the lookout for more centralized visibility and quick resolution of their security issues.

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Vion - Sponsor

The Path to Zero-Trust: Protecting Data at the Source

Traditional file storage systems continue to be exploited by malware infected clients and malicious insiders. Although the industry has progressed steadily in creating better security, the biggest area of weakness has been protecting data at the source. Most cyber solutions protect perimeter defenses, but data is most vulnerable in its primary storage systems and online archives, whether it’s in the cloud, at the edge, or in the data center. Now data is everywhere and it’s hard to tell where it’s moving.

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