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Avalon Holographics  

St. John's,  NL 
  • Booth: 1647

Avalon Holographics is leading the next wave of display tech with professional holographic displays that revolutionize the way people produce, view and understand visual content. By replicating the experience of looking at real objects, Avalon’s holographic displays produce realistic, comfortable, and headgear-free immersive experiences. With a myriad applications including medical, defense, and consumer use, Avalon Holographics is poised to set the standard for holographic displays.

 Press Releases

  • Article Link: https://www.avalonholographics.com/news/canadian-technology-companies-create-holographic-sonar-display-for-hunting-submarines

    Ottawa, CA: Kongsberg Geospatial announced today that it has partnered with Avalon Holographics to develop a revolutionary holographic sonar display for submarine warfare, in a project funded by the Canadian Department of National Defense IDEaS (Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security) program.

    The Canadian DND IDEaS project will lead to the development and testing of the world’s first holographic tactical display for passive SONAR tracking.

    The system has been developed to reduce the cognitive load on passive SONAR analysts by visualizing complex undersea environments on a revolutionary new holographic display.

    What currently we think of as “3D displays” are, in fact, actually no more than two-dimensional projections of three-dimensional scenes on a flat monitor. The geometry in the scene is necessarily distorted to create the illusion of looking at a three-dimensional object. In order to understand what you’re looking at, you have to manipulate the view to look around the environment. This makes typical 3D displays less than intuitive to work with - the operator often has to manipulate the camera view in 3D to assess the area from multiple angles to truly understand what they're looking at.

    This is also limiting for situations in which multiple people are looking at the same display. Ideally, they would each want to control the view independently to make it make sense for themselves. A holographic display would provide a better solution for sharing 3D information, because the view on the data can be individualized, while the image itself remains static. Providing a shared, easily understood visualization of the operational area would enable faster joint decision-making in a Control Centre for tactical, operational analysts and strategic decision-makers.

    Avalon Holographics has created just that: a display that uses a complex array of millions of holographic elements or “hogels”, to create a true, three-dimensional image that can be clearly seen from different angles – without requiring the use of headsets or goggles. This new display will combine passive SONAR data with three-dimensional bathymetric data to create an accurate sensor picture that can be used to locate and identify possible undersea threats.

    VIDEO LINK:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a36xxLksCbE 

    Passive sonars are used by naval ships to locate targets around the “ownship”, (the platform on which the primary sensor is located), when active SONAR is not viable or tactically desirable.

    Tactics using multiple passive SONAR sensors or Target Motion Analysis (TMA) are used to create multiple bearing lines to find the position of the target.

    Although two-dimensional map displays can give trained analysts a good understanding on where these bearing lines intersect, three-dimensional displays provide a greater understanding of how detections may be affected by the bathymetric environment. The new holographic SONAR display created by Kongsberg Geospatial and Avalon Holographics is designed to increase underwater situational awareness with respect to target detection: supporting faster and more confident decision making when using passive SONAR systems.

    The solution will consist of three components: a SONAR sensor system, a SONAR map rendering system, and the holographic display.

    The SONAR sensor system is located on board a surface vessel which could include a towed array, hull mounted SONAR, or sonobuoy receiver. Data from the system is fed to the SONAR map rendering system containing the information required to create the operational images to populate the 3D holographic display.

    Kongsberg Geospatial is contributing the SONAR map rendering system – a software system that leverages the company’s ISR applications, real-time situational awareness capabilities, and real-time sensor integration technology.

    Avalon Holographics will be contributing the holographic display used to visualize the processed data.

    “We’re excited to be delivering a new and unique user experience on a ground-breaking new display technology for situational awareness”, said Ranald McGillis, President, Kongsberg Geospatial. “Our battlespace visualization systems draw on our technical legacy with defense system display projects to create a world leading capability to exploit SONAR data and will help users to more effectively exploit complex sensor data.”

    “Our ground-breaking holographic display technology applies to a wide range of applications, but the battlespace has always been a primary user focus.”, said Russ Baker, Co-founder, Avalon Holographics. “Together, Kongsberg's TerraLens and Avalon's Raydiance Engine are pioneering a new class of holographic situational awareness applications to transform 3D battlespace visualization, GIS and underwater warfare. These bold steps are just one way we're transforming the science-fiction of holographic visual experiences into science fact.”

    The initial phase of the IDEaS project will run until November, during which time Avalon Holographics will be refining the performance of the display device, improving the software tools, and working with Kongsberg on software integration. Kongsberg Geospatial will be developing trials of different use cases for the systems including multi-sensor operations and Target Motion Analysis (TMA). The goal is to proceed to the next phase of the project, which would involve enhancement of Kongsberg’s software, a more comprehensive integration with the display, and porting to Avalon’s next-generation display technology.

    About Kongsberg Geospatial: Based in Ottawa, Canada, Kongsberg Geospatial creates precision real-time software for mapping, geospatial visualization, and situational awareness. The Company’s products are primarily deployed in solutions for air-traffic control, Command and Control, and air defense. Over nearly three decades of providing dependable performance under extreme conditions, Kongsberg Geospatial has become the leading geospatial technology provider for mission-critical applications where lives are on the line. Kongsberg Geospatial is a subsidiary of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

    Media contact: 1-800-267-2626 or reach us by email at info@kongsberggeospatial.com

    About Avalon Holographics: Based in St John’s, NL, Avalon Holographics is a Canadian SMB leading the next wave of display technology by pioneering development of the world's first "true" 3D professional holographic displays that revolutionize the way people produce, view and understand visual content. By replicating the experience of looking at real objects, Avalon’s patented holographic displays produce realistic, comfortable, and headgear-free immersive experiences. Their display technologies will transform the way users view and interact with complex information, allowing users to experience accessory free “natural” 3D without the nausea, fatigue, and other physical effects of using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices. With a myriad of applications including defense, and consumer use cases, Avalon Holographics is poised to disrupt the industry while setting the standard for holographic displays.

    Media contact: 1-709-728-5489 or reach us by email at marketing@avalonholographics.com

    About IDEaS: Based in Ottawa, Canada, The Department of National Defense IDEaS program (https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/programs/defence-ideas.html) provides funding and testing opportunities for the development of defence science and technology.

  • https://www.gov.nl.ca/releases/2021/iet/0927n06/

    Industry, Energy and Technology

    September 27, 2021

    With support from the Provincial Government, a local cutting-edge tech firm is gaining traction on additional business development opportunities in North America.

    Based in St. John’s, Avalon Holographics has developed the world’s first natural 3D commercial holographic displays. Used in sectors such as defence, aerospace and med-tech, the company has revolutionized the way users view and interact in 3D with complex multi-dimensional information. With the help of a non-repayable $98,252 investment from the Provincial Government, Avalon Holographics will look to accelerate business growth through the development of key markets in the United States and Canada.

    The Honourable Andrew Parsons, Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology announced the funding during a tour of Avalon Holographics facility today. Support from the Provincial Government will also allow the company to focus on current developing opportunities in the med-tech sector in the United States, specifically, an international collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

    Avalon Holographics was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur and inventor Wally Haas. The company employs more than 50 people, including highly skilled employees who have expertise in optics, lasers, computer vision, data visualization, material chemistry and nanotechnology fabrication.

    Investments in the tech and innovation sector mean more jobs and a stronger, more diversified economy for our province.

    “To see Avalon Holographics tech first hand was very impressive. Wally Haas and team have been very successful in developing several products for multiple markets, and its partnership with a significant American institution will only lead to additional expertise and knowledge. Its advanced products are cutting-edge, and this support will only help the company grow and develop its innovative products even more.”
    Honourable Andrew Parsons
    Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology

    “The tech sector continues to grow in this province and is providing a tremendous opportunity for employment. I encourage students to look to this sector and prepare for the future.”
    Honourable Tom Osborne
    Minister of Education and MHA of Waterford Valley

    “Avalon is creating cutting edge holographic displays for export that will help grow Newfoundland and Labrador’s tech economy. We are grateful for the support of our Provincial Government to develop these important markets like medical visualization that will eventually make some surgeries safer, savings millions of dollars and lives in the process.”
    Wally Haas
    Avalon Holographics

    – 30 –

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    Avalon Holographics

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  • 29" Holographic Display
    Avalon Holographics' 29” Holographic Display Development System is an advanced holographic display designed to present rich 3D content without the need for accessories such as glasses or headsets.


    Avalon’s 29” holographic display has 230 million pixels, a pixel density equivalent to more than 100 HD TV’s contained within a regular monitor screen. Key technical specifications are as follows:

    • Display Specification Pixels per Inch: 850
    • 3D Resolution: 491 W x 283 H x 114 D
    • Viewing angle: 40° W x 40 H°
    • Perceivable depth: 6 inches


    • 230M+ viewable rays
    • 2x Display Port 1.4, USB video connection available
    • Software support: API available, multiple software example applications (e.g. medical, CAD, Defense, Gaming Engines) - contact for more details
    • Multiple Optical Configurations
    • Vertical and Horizontal Parallax
    • 800W Power Supply

    In an operational setting, Avalon’s holographic display is an advanced visualization system that can be used in place of a display monitor, optimizing any scenario that requires situational awareness, particularly (though not exclusively) when viewing 3D content. Thus, in principle, it can be used as a substitute for any 2D display, and is operationally similar in most respects, with somewhat different technical parameters. Avalon's 29" holographic display has a narrower viewing region and is suited for a small number of viewers. The display is powered by a standard electrical outlet. Content is rendered onto the display by rendering software on a laptop or PC, connected to the display via a DisplayPort cable.


    Size: 29.3" L x 18" W x 20.3" H (74.4 cm x 45.7 cm x 51.5 cm)

    Display size: 24.7” W x 14.3” H (62.7 cm x 36.3 cm); 28.6" Diagonal (72.6 cm)

    Weight: 162.5 lbs (73.7 kg)

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