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Innovation Showcase: Rapid Connectivity Everywhere Driving Intelligent Action Everywhere

  • Room: Innovation Theater - Exhibit Floor, 2000 Aisle
Wednesday, February 15, 2023: 11:10 AM - 11:30 AM


Speaker (confirmed)
Russel Davis
Chief Operating Officer
Vcinity, Inc.


Agencies are grappling with explosive file data growth—and continually more distributed operations from edge to core to cloud. This creates challenges in terms of the cost and complexity of storing data—as well as how to make that data easily accessible to the right users and applications at the speed of the mission. And, when it comes to mission applications and operations, there is nothing more important than matters of security and efficiency. Is your data secure in a zero-trust world, quickly accessible—enabling you to be ready and capable to take intelligent action at a moment’s notice? Now it can be.

Dell and Vcinity provide real-time secure application access to remote data, no matter where it exists, and establish the connectivity between data everywhere and applications anywhere—even without moving your data first. Now, your command can accelerate time to value by providing instant access to geographically distributed, edge data at scale, regardless of distance and latency. Sounds impossible? It’s not.

In this session, we will begin to unravel the age-old assumption that data must be co-located, copied, or migrated next to the compute before deriving actionable intelligence from it. Expect to learn how, using Vcinity and Dell’s joint hybrid cloud solution, organizations like yours can securely connect users and applications to data wherever in the world you need it.

This session will dive into how to improve your security posture by eliminating unnecessary data movement, reduce cybersecurity risks associated with copy management, and better protect data in flight by encrypting and splitting it over several paths and reassembling at the remote site. These tools will enable you to handle your data more efficiently to elicit better, faster time-to-insights, time-to-decision, and time-to-action—whether you’re updating tactical command kits or providing troops the most current datasets of intelligence for the highest degree of situational awareness prior to engaging with adversaries.

Ready to arm your command with the necessary tools and intel for mission success? We hope to see you in this session to learn how Dell and Vcinity can give you real-time, secure connectivity to and control of your data—regardless of where and when your mission takes you.