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Fremont,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 905

Themis combines industry leadership, high-performance computing, and advanced thermal and mechanical design techniques to deliver reliable, rugged standards-based and custom-embedded computing solutions. Themis designs, manufactures,and sells single board computers, rack mounted high-density and high-performance systems, rack-mounted servers, small form factor tactical systems, as well as rugged storage appliances. Please visit booth #905 to see product demonstrations.

Brands: Themis solutions include board-level computers, rack mounted servers, bladed server systems, mission and payload systems, small form factors, and storage appliances.


  • Hyper-Unity
    Hyper-Unity is the first turn-key, MIL Spec, SWAP-optimized, all-flash hyper-converged infrastructure platform featuring Atlantis USX....

  • Hyper-Unity seamlessly integrates four ruggedized, eight-drive, RES-XR5-1U rack mounted servers, with a high-speed, 12-port Mellanox Infiniband switch, and Atlantis USX, the award-winning, patented Software-defined Storage (SDS) solution.

    The performance of an all-flash array in a four-server cluster enables IT organizations to easily meet the performance requirements of demanding workloads. Atlantis USX™ software performs in-memory, in-line deduplication and compression, before data is written to storage, leading to extremely low latencies, higher IOPS and lower storage and network traffic.

    Enhanced reliability features ensure survivability in the most demanding environments, and where Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) is an important consideration. Themis RES rack-mount servers provide superior resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.

    Instead of buying large and expensive storage arrays with limited performance, the Hyper-Unity Infrastructure enables enterprises to scale out in small, modular units and grow their compute and storage resources in balance. Support of popular hypervisors preserves prior investments in tools, time, and training.

    Hyper-Unity lowers costs, using Atlantis Computing’s patented data reduction and IO acceleration technology to reduce the amount of physical RAM and local flash required per TB of effective storage capacity. This eliminates the need for multiple tiers of flash and hard drives, required in other hyper-converged solutions. 

    Instead of integrating costly and complex SAN, NAS or all-flash array storage with servers, Hyper-Unity's all-flash hyper-converged platform comprises of pre-integrated nodes, each with its own compute, enterprise-class SSD storage, Atlantis USX SDS, high-performance networking and virtualization. Quickly deploy a turn-key solution cluster that provides from 96 up to several hundred CPU cores, with 1 to 6 TB of RAM and 6 to 25 TB of all-flash storage that supports several hundreds of server VMs w/12 to 100s of TB of effective storage capacity.

  • RES High Density Servers
    RES HD Servers double compute density, enable a 50% savings in rack space, and reduce system weight by nearly 50% with per server weights as low as seven pounds....

  • Suited for computing environments where server Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) is important, Themis RES High Density (HD) servers are designed for virtualization, ISR, Big Data Analytics, radar processing, image processing, large Hadoop clusters, and a multitude of applications that require high-compute density and low latency access to large-data storage. 

    Available in a 2U (four bay) or 3U (six bay) chassis, RES-HD servers provide maximum system configuration flexibility and functionality with processor, storage, high-speed switch, and system management module options. Combining leading-edge components that include Intel® Xeon® processors and SuperMicro motherboards, RES servers feature expansion slots, extensive high-speed front or rear I/O, storage, and enhanced reliability options.

    Processor modules support up to three 56 Gbps Infiniband (IB) or 40 Gb Ethernet ports to provide industry leading I/O bandwidth. A FDR option supports 56 Gbps IB or 40 Gbps Ethernet via a QSFP connector. Alternatively a QDR option supports 40 Gbps IB or 10 Gbps Ethernet. Each processor module also has a PCIe expansion slot that supports two additional FDR or QDR ports.

    Designed with enhanced reliability features for  military, industrial, or rugged commercial use, RES HD servers can be mounted in standard commercial racks or mobile rugged transit cases, and incorporate thermal and kinetic management design capabilities for shock, vibration, and extended temperature.