New Wave Design and Verification  

Minneapolis,  MN 
United States
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New Wave Design and Verification provides programmable network interface hardware, FPGA IP Cores, and system level products for high-speed serial interfaces used in embedded and test systems. Protocols supported include Ethernet, Fibre Channel, 1394b AS5643, sFPDP, HSDB, and others. Engineering customization is also available to meet program requirements.

 Press Releases

  • Increasing network speeds are making software recording and monitoring tools ineffective. These tools are unable to process traffic in real-time, nor can they play traffic back at appropriate rates and precision. Traditional capture systems lack balance between features, price, and performance making it difficult to justify the cost of deployment and operation. New Wave DV delivers the highest port density, lowest cost-per-port record and playback port on the market without sacrificing performance or features.

    The variety of applications that can benefit from RapXG are almost as broad as the imagination. Real-time systems ranging from electronic trading systems to military radar track distribution, all depend on the timely receipt of data for proper operation. Aside from using it for basic network data record and playback, RapXG can serve roles as an Ethernet based Sensor/Video recorder, a network traffic emulator, a network event logger or even as a network security monitor. In terms of markets, RapXG performs the same functions no matter what the incoming recorded data is. Whether its data downloaded from satellites, radar data captured from a ship-based radar, airborne electronic warfare jamming or industrial event logging in a smart factory, RapXG provides scalable, high-performance FPGA-based packet capture and playback—and does it all at extreme levels of accuracy.

    The RapXG comes standard with essential features, such as accurate time synchronization, programmable 5-tuple filters, PCAP Next Generation file format, a highly efficient PCI Express Gen3 host, a user friendly GUI interface, and a feature-rich API for record and playback functions.

    The RapXG addresses the pressing need for an affordable plug-and-play network record and playback solution in data centers and development labs while eliminating unnecessary costs associated with port mirroring and wiring. For applications requiring intense network data processing, New Wave DV enables deployment of custom applications utilizing the RapXG API. With this innovative business model, teams now have the freedom to take advantage of the wide variety of options available from New Wave DV while staying within their budget.

    Read the full RapXG Whitepaper here:


  • V1152 12-Port 10/25/40/100G FPGA XMC Card
    The V1152 is the most dense XMC network IO solution designed to provide a real time high-bandwidth network interface and processing module for next-gen SIGINT systems. Supports 10/25/40/100G Ethernet, 1/2/4/8/16G Fibre Channel, and 1/2/2.5/10G sFPDP....

  • Reducing system size, weight and power (SWaP), while increasing performance, is critical for operational life and budgetary constraints of military radar and remote sensing systems. The requirement for increasingly higher port density, bandwidth, and processing power to support larger arrays, while still staying within SWaP and budget requirements, is a significant challenge to engineering architects. New Wave DV satisfies these requirements with the V1152 XMC Card — dramatically increasing bandwidth while providing plenty of FPGA resources to process data and support PCIe host connectivity.