Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I)

San Diego,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: Navy Info Warfare Theater

Exhibiting in the Information Warfare Pavilion, PEO C4I is the Navy's first line to acquire the right communication and technology tools for naval Information Warfare. The 10 program offices work to minimize cost while rapidly delivering effective products to warfighters. The PEO C4I portfolio includes The Battlespace Awareness and Information Operations (PMW 120), Information Assurance and Cyber Security (PMW 130), Command and Control (PMW 150), Tactical Networks (PMW 160), Communications and GPS Navigation (PMW 170), The International C4I Integration (PWM 740), Carrier and Air Integration (PMW 750), Ship Integration (PMW 760), Undersea Integration (PMW 770) and Shore and Expeditionary Integration (PMW 790)