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Maj Scott Fortner, USMC

Cyber DT Lead


Major Fortner reported to Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA) where he served his first year and a half as the Naval Systems Integration Officer and distinguished himself as the resident expert on MAGTF Afloat and Naval Integration issues within the command.
Maj Fortner leads the MCTSSA cyber developmental testing (DT) efforts. As the Cyber DT Lead, Maj Fortner is responsible for all cyber testing activities within the command. Since this is a relatively new effort, Maj Fortner is tasked with establishing cyber DT TTPs, establishment of cyber workforce training and qualification standards, and cyber team management and tasking. Additionally, Maj Fortner provides liaison with other cyber organizations and interacts regularly with Senior Executives and senior officers with regards to this emerging cyber capability.
Prior to his current assignment at MCTSSA, Major Fortner
graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School with distinction and earned a Best Thesis award in June 2015.
Previously, Capt Fortner successfully completed Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) course in Yuma, AZ, earning another secondary MOS as a Weapons and Tactics Instructor. This training facilitated his next position in 1st ANGLICO as the Company Air Officer, where he was responsible for the oversight and training of all Joint Terminal Attack Controllers within the command. A few short months after assuming the duties of Company Air Officer, Maj(sel) Fortner then assumed the duties of the Operations Officer while still holding the rank of Captain, a billet normally reserved for a senior artillery Major. He served as the 1st ANGLICO Operations Officer for 12 months before receiving orders to Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) in Monterey, CA.
He has served on multiple deployments including japan, Quater, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He graduated as the top Marine in his class from Advanced Flight School.


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