WEST 2020 Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

AFCEA and the U.S. Naval Institute have developed an enhanced sponsorship program for WEST 2020 that will offer maximum visibility to those who participate! What better way to make sure you stand out and increase your exposure than at this foremost event in which industry leaders can learn about military requirements and connect with decision makers and operators, where senior military and government officials can gain feedback from sea service warfighters, and where industry thought leaders will discuss and demonstrate sea service solutions? Sponsorship opportunities are offered at a several investment levels, ensuring your ability to participate.

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Enlisted Superior Performer Awards

The Enlisted Superior Performer (ESP) Award presented by the U.S. Naval Institute and AFCEA International recognizes the service of those military members who have been selected by their commands for particularly superior service in the past year.  Recipients are awarded one-year memberships in both AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute.  This year’s ESPs will be recognized at the WEST 2020 Conference, March 2-3, at the San Diego Convention Center.  This award presentation has been a feature of this conference for several years.

ESP Nominees to Be Recognized Monday, March 2:

Navy Region Southwest
(CMDCM Chris Fitzgerald)
Naval Air Forces Pacific
(FORCM Smitty Tocorzic)
IT1 (IW/SW) Ivana Garcia, USN YN1 Melchar Polk, USN
CS1 (SW) Michael Murphy, USN PR1 Ryan Lafone, USN
MA1  Alvin Arline, USN YN1 Ravelino Palencia, USN
CS1   Gideon Cofie, USN AE1  Tomas Moore, USN
CS2  Eduardo Cuevas, USN AS1 Jillian Gutierrez, USN
AC3 Logan Eno, USN LS3 Gabrielle Forte, USN
ACAN Ryan Rippe, USN YN3 Brittney Snyder, USN
CS1 Jamie  Vallejos, USN YN1 Isaiah Taylor, USN
RP3 Amber Cardillo, USN AWR1 Zachary Gorsuch, USN
MM3 Jennifer Lalla, USN LS2 Robertandrei Gelacio, USN

Naval Surface Forces Pacific
(CMDCM Matt Danforth)
I Marine Expeditionary Force
(1stSgt Amina Saracay)
NC1 Kimberly Singleton, USN     PFC  Knapp Scott, USMC
OS1 Richard Hughes, USN LCpl  Tyler Frieze, USMC
CTM1 Robert Dunlap, USN LCpl  Clayton Alma, USMC
HT1 Tara Wilcox, USN Sgt Lee Joshua, USMC
EM1 Matthew Schaaff, USN Sgt  Hensley William, USMC
AC1 Michael Poyaoan, USN Sgt Padilla Joseph, USMC
ABF1 David Medel, USN Sgt Manuel Corilus, USMC
YN1 Mario Dean, USN HM2 Brooklyn Williams, USN
NC1 Brenda Lemas, USN Sgt Cesar Jimenez, USMC
LS1  Dyandra Parker, USN Sgt Candace Andrus, USMC
SGT Michael  Pesina, USMC
SGT Christopher Presley, USMC
SGT Jonathan Mercado, USMC
HM2 Norbert Owusu, USN
SGT Ziegelhofer Tyler, USMC
Sgt Jana Walker, USMC
SSgt Craig Burdis, USMC
Cpl Marquis Marshall, USMC
LCpl  Austin Johnson, USMC
Cpl Justin  Borough, USMC


USCG Sector San Diego
(BMCM Greg Via)
Cpl Justin  Borough, USMC
FA Jadon Sanford, USCG
SN Damron Cooper, USCG
SN Parker Caleb, USCG
SN Canty Maria Luisa, USCG
SN Comas Ryan, USCG
SN Ellis Ryan, USCG
SN Recinos Danny, USCG
SN Mccollough Jake, USCG
SN Hernandez Jose, USCG

ESP Nominees to Be Recognized Tuesday, March 3:

Naval Information Warfare Systems
Command (CMDCM Pablo Cintron)
Naval Special Warfare
Command (SOCM Seth Griffin)
IT1  Patrick Myles, USN PO1 Angelo Sumigcay, USN
ND1  Aaron Gruber, USN PO1 Rodney Aradanas, USN
LS1 Honeylyn Rivera, USN PO1 Walter Moskal, USN
YN1 Waliguens Estivene, USN LS1 Christopher Broussard, USN
IT1  Maria Bevill, USN IT1 Grace Deputy, USN
AZ1  Ramon Hardy, USN Third Fleet (CTTCM Dee Parker)
PS1  Phetsamy Sengdaoellis, USN CTN1 Autumn Yarbrough, NAVY
YN3 Tamera Graham, USN LN2 Tyler Belz, NAVY
YN2 Palmieri Richard, USN IS3 Paul McCain, NAVY

Navy Medicine West
(CMDCM Pap Mangaran)
Navy Medicine West
(CMDCM Pap Mangaran)
HM1  Raymond Pomida, USN Cpl Placido Aaron, USMC
HM2 Reginald Val Lamsen, USN Sgt Selena Espinoza, USMC
HM3  Miles Lints, USN Sgt Mitchell Grandy, USMC
HN Breena Deleon, USN Sgt Brandon Rohrig, USMC
LSSN Cameron Newton, USN GySgt Ruben Duran, USMC
HM2 Brandi Gonzalez, USN
HM2 Selwyn Ruchell, Navy
HM2 Blasini Keysha, Navy
HM2 Carter Bennett, USN

Marine Corps Air Station
Yuma (SSGT Michael Murphy)
Marine Corps Communications
Electronics School (SgtMaj Mike Bolyard)
Sgt Jose Toledo, USMC                            GySgt Matthew Swarts, USMC
Sgt Brendan Pugh, USMC SSgt Peter Flight, USMC
Sgt Burchell Forrest, USMC
Sgt Queen Tristen, USMC

Tactical Systems Support 
Activity (SgtMaj Jerry Gomes)
USCG Sector San Diego
(BMCM Greg Via)
Corporal Jesus Oviedo, USMC             BM2 Thomas Thigpen, USCG
Sargent Seth Burns, USMC MK2 Mike Dalager, USCGR
MST1 Lawrence Schmidt, USCG
MST2 Brandon Mello, USCG
MST3 Casey Ranson, USCG
ME1 Amy Halperin, USCG
BM2  Brenden Tobyansen, USCG
ME2 Jon Gallegos, USCG
MK2 Cody Haselwood, USCG
BM2  Brian Alires, USCG

Wounded Warrior
Battalion (1stSGT Chad Barton)
SGT Adrianna Rainwater-Stup, USMC
SSGT Karen Castellucci, USMC