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Thought Leadership

Giving Warfighters Unmatched Superiority over Current and Future Threats

Booz Allen Hamilton - Sponsor

Integrated C4ISR is a force multiplier that significantly improves situational awareness and decision making to give warfighters a decisive battlefield advantage. This advantage stems from Booz Allen Hamilton's Enterprise Integration approach: bringing together three disciplines and their communities—engineering, operations, and acquisition. We help government and military organizations enhance programs in these areas to build integrated C4ISR systems on a foundation of open architectures, agile development, modular construction, and common hardware, software, data, and infrastructure. Download Booz Allen’s Viewpoint.


SKYTRACKER - Countering the UAS Threat to Public Safety and Valuable Assets

CACI - Booth # 724

SUMMARY - Commercial drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), are small, commercially available aircraft that use radio frequency (RF) signals to communicate with their operators. The misuse of UAS represents an escalating threat to public safety and national airspace. This paper discusses how CACI’s SkyTracker™ system can be used to counter these threats.

SkyTracker deploys an array of sensors that exploit the commercial drone’s own RF signals to detect, identify, locate, and track misused UAS, as well as identify and locate their operators. This software-defined solution also applies non-kinetic, RF-based countermeasures to mitigate the drone threat without disrupting legitimate electronics or communications systems in the area, or interfering with law enforcement or responsible UAS.

SkyTracker is applicable to the defense of such high-value assets as buildings and stadiums, airports, military bases, and areas under temporary flight bans such as locations experiencing forest fires. The system provides continuous, automated monitoring, and is unaffected by time of day, weather, or non-UAS flying objects. Download the SKYTRACKER Whitepaper.


The Need for Speed - Hunting Down and Fighting Against Emerging Cyber Threats

TANIUM Inc. - Booth # 1650

SUMMARY - The evolution of cyber attacker techniques, skills and tools has far exceeded the pace of those of the cyber defender. Emerging threats continue to wreak havoc on enterprise networks, applications and data. Incident response teams must move faster, but the tools they’ve been given to do the job aren’t fast enough in detecting, remediating and investigating incidents...especially at scale. While the “good guys” spend hours sifting through endless reams of log data, cyber attackers write and install malware that disappears within an hour, before teams can detect and eradicate it, and long after the damage is done.

A new approach is needed: one that enables IT operations and incident response teams to move faster and act smarter, across distributed networks and clouds, across OS platforms, and at scale. 

In this paper, we’ll explore the current state of cyber security – the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll examine how Tanium delivers essential capabilities for incident responders to hunt down and investigate threat indicators rapidly and then take swift mitigating actions – within seconds, and at scale. We’ll showcase real-world use cases to demonstrate how you can turn the tables on cyber attackers – at less cost, in less time, and more simply than ever before. And better yet, we’ll show you how you can fight back. Download the Need for Speed Whitepaper.