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The U.S. Naval Institute provides an independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak and write to advance the professional, literary and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to national defense. Each year, the institute sponsors a number of essay contests. The winners of these five contests are listed below and will be recognized at WEST 2016.


Information Dominance Essay Contest
Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

First Prize:
CDR John M. (Mike) Dahm, USN
“Next Exit: Joint Information Environment”

Second Prize:
LT Jeffrey B. Hunter, USN
“Updating the Joint Information Environment”

Third Prize:
LTJG Benjamin Morris, USN
“Data & Design”

International Navies Essay Contest
Sponsored by Finmeccanica North America/DRS Technologies

First Prize:
CAPT Sam J. Tangredi, USN (Ret.)
“A ‘Black Rack’ Solution?”

Second Prize
LCDR Onege Maroadi, USN
“Ghana Navy: A Rising Star in the Maritime Domain”

Third Prize:
LT John F. Tanalega, USN
“A Sling for Goliath”

Innovation & Risk Essay Contest
Sponsored by Engility

First Prize:
Dr. Terry Pierce (CAPT, USN, Ret.)
“Learning to Ride Tsunamis”

Second Prize:
LtCol Francis (Frank) G. Hoffman, USMC (Ret.) (Dr.)
“Exploiting the U.S. Navy’s Learning Capacity Warfare in the Pacific”

Third Prize:
LT Roger Misso, USN
“Strategic Corporal, Innovative Petty Officer”
Enlisted Prize Essay Contest
Sponsored by Textron Systems

First Prize:
Sgt Dion J. Edon Jr., USMC
“Succeeding in the Human Domain”

Second Prize:
EMC (SW/AW) Clinton Anderson, USNR
“How to Make the Navy Stronger”

Third Prize:
HM3 Ryan Zieno, USN
“The New Navy: Acceptance and Coping with Generational Changes”

Leadership Essay Contest
Sponsored by Dr. J. Phillip London and CACI International

First Prize:
LCDR Jason Shell, USN
“Leading Outside Command”

Second Prize:
ENS Justin Chock, USN
“Critical Thought Leadership as the Foundation for All to Lead”

Third Prize (3):
LCDR Robert E. Keller, USN
“Identity, Passion & Service”

Capt Rafiel Deon Warfield, USMC

LT Matthew Farrrell, USN
“Leadership at Sea: Earn Trust, Develop Loyalty, and Ensure Success”