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Ciphertex Data Security

Booth # 645

Portable and Secure Data Storage: Software and Solutions, Digital Asset Management & Storage, IT/Networking, Infrastructure & Security

Ciphertex is a leading data security solutions provider and is trusted by organizations worldwide and in various industries. Ciphertex delivers secure, portable and rugged 

data storage systems using advanced hardware encryption. Ciphertex DAS and NAS systems offer unparalleled performance, security and reliability – seamlessly integrating hardware based AES 256-bit encryption with the latest in RAID storage technologies and smart chassis design.

Ciphertex products are a proven source for data security, with solutions deployed globally in government, military, forensics, healthcare, media & entertainment, oil & gas, and other mission-critical industries.

To meet the growing demands in broadcast and post production, we designed enterprise-class products with the highest throughput and reliability/scalability under severe use conditions. Ciphertex RAID systems, NAS servers and single drives are portable, rugged and equipped with AES 256-bit hardware based encryption to protect your data without sacrificing performance. Ciphertex products are ideal for both securely storing and transferring large volumes of data.



Artesyn Embedded Computing

Booth # 649

MaxCore™ Compute Platform: Maximum performance & density in an open form factor

The MaxCore™ platform from Artesyn offers a versatile, high performance architecture to achieve flexibility, maximum compute density per rack unit (RU), and unmatched innovation in design for both data center and carrier grade applications. The MaxCore advantage is its ability to perfectly balance I/O, compute and compute-associated accelerators within the same box, all connected by a high-performance, multi-domain capable backplane. Whether the application requires dense computing through the use of MaxCore microserver cards, multiple media processing cards for audio or video acceleration, or a combination including 3rd party PCI Express cards, the MaxCore platform offers a superior architecture for maximum flexibility.




Booth # 703

Jennings is known worldwide as a leader in non-thermionic vacuum components offering a full line of products including vacuum and gas filled capacitors and relays, vacuum interrupters, vacuum contactors, vacuum coaxial relays, and switching matrices.

Jennings offers over seven decades of expertise in state of the art vacuum technology for the electrical, industrial, art vacuum technology for the electrical, industrial, communications, and power industries. Jennings holds the notable recognition of creating the first high voltage, vacuum variable capacitor. This revolutionary discovery in 1942, as Jennings Radio Manufacturing Company, resulted in a capacitor offering application flexibility with its variable tuning capability and its small size.



Booth # 705

AirPatrol ZoneDefense by Sysorex

Precisely locate all mobile devices (WiFi, cellular and Bluetooth) within 3 meters of their actual location. ZoneDefense is currently used in many government buildings across the nation as well as enterprises because of its mobile detection capabilities as well as dynamic device control for BYOD and API integration possibilities. Paired with the big data capabilities of LightMiner by Sysorex, mobile usage patterns can be analyzed and instantly alert the appropriate team when a pattern is broken. Come to booth 705 to see a demonstration and talk to our team about our existing government contracts.



A10 Networks

Booth # 720

A10 Thunder ADC with SSL Insight and IPsec VPN, A10 Thunder TPS, and A10 Thunder CFW

A10 has pioneered high-performance application networking and security technologies that ensure our customers’ applications and networks are highly available, accelerated, and secure.  A10 Thunder ADC with SSL Insight helps organizations uncover hidden threats in SSL traffic by enabling third-party security devices to inspect encrypted traffic. Site-to-site IPsec VPN, included with Thunder ADC, encrypts traffic on a massive scale and in the cloud to ensure data privacy.  Thunder TPS prevents large-scale DDoS attacks with its true multi-vector DDoS protection.

IPsec VPN solution brief (https://www.a10networks.com/sites/default/files/resource-files/A10-SB-19132-EN.pdf)

Thunder ADC datasheet (https://www.a10networks.com/sites/default/files/A10-DS-15100-EN.pdf) - Thunder TPS datasheet (https://www.a10networks.com/sites/default/files/A10-DS-15101-EN.pdf)




Booth # 724


CACI’s Sky Tracker™ rapidly detects, identifies ,t racks, and mitigates unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). This Proprietary technology defends against the escalating threat posed by inadvertent or unlawful UAS misuse. SkyTracker has the unique capability to identify and locate both UAS and their operators. It is widely applicable, from protecting airports, building, critical infrastructure, stadiums, and prisons to supporting individual executive protection and first responders. SkyTracker’s precision mitigation does not disrupt legitimate communications systems or responsible UAS operators, and can be achieved from long distances. The system functions day or night, in any weather condition. Please visit SkyTrackerUAS.com



Reliable System Services Corp.

Booth # 817

Very high data rate Radio over the air solutions for long range networked communications of multiple platforms and sensors

RSS Corp. has developed the RT-1944/U, RT-1944A/U and the RT-1988B/U High Data Rate communication networked Radios and systems for unmanned systems and manned command/control platforms. RSS systems are presently deployed on LCS, UISS, RMMV, Knifefish, MHU and the VULCAN Communications Relay POD. Visit Booth 817 for a first hand look.

Data Sheets and Information is available at; WWW.RSSCORP.ORG



Booth # 1234

DX410 Wireless Intercom

DX410, a license-free, two-channel 2.4GHz digital wireless intercom, is a rugged and reliable communication system for military, aerospace, and government applications. The full-duplex system can be deployed rapidly, is easy to operate, and enables mobile personnel to move freely. DX410 features 7kHz wideband audio for the clearest communication, enhancing safety and situational awareness. Its 2.4GHz Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) 64 bit encryption ensures secure, confidential communication. Also, the system’s upgraded radio technology allows better transmission/reception, two-wire/four-wire bridging, and two-wire auto-nulling. Each base station supports up to 15 BP410 wireless beltpacks and/or WH410 all-in-one wireless headsets.



Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

Booth # 1649

Legislative Advocacy

MOAA is the one military association that's with you every step of the way, serving your needs, fighting for your rights. Whether you're deployed overseas, making the transition to a second career or grappling with your military benefits, MOAA is on your side for life.  Make on smarter choices, throughout your life and career, for you and your family. Join MOAA today!



Nova Electric

Booth # 1721

Rugged UPS with new ultra-light weight batteries. Customized to meet special needs of Military and harsh applications.

The Nova Electric Ultra Light Weight rugged UPS with new ultra-light weight batteries are designed to meet the demanding Military needs associated with these unique applications. They have a variety of battery options and mounting configurations including both rack mount and bulkhead mounted with shock mounts.  Please visit booth 1721 for more information and to see product.




RF Products

Booth # 1836

Multi-Mode Multi-Band Transmit/Receive RF Distribution System (M3B RFD), with Cognitive Communications Digital Dashboard (C2D2) control software.

RF PRODUCTS’ M3B RFD with Specialty Systems’ C2D2TM software increases communications capability and flexibility, reduces warfighter workload, and ensures a maximum return-on-investment in state-of-the-art multi-band radios. For ships, aircraft and ground systems with multiple collocated radios, the M3B RFD provides flexible connectivity across bands & modes, automated transmit power levels, increased simultaneous operation (SIMOP), minimal cosite interference and minimal antenna population. C2D2 provides a user friendly operator interface, full system visibility, point-and-click reconfiguration, warnings for rules violations and prevents operator errors. M3B RFD and C2D2 are scalable to reduce life cycle costs and enable cross training across ship/aircraft configurations.




Booth # 1841


The Roadrunner Tablet PC comes pre-installed with Windows 8 AGM and an integrated CAC reader. Its capacitive multi-touch provides a remarkable touch experience. Its unique digital mouse provides precise browsing and no more wrong clicks. Powered by Intel's Fifth Gen Processors provides exceptional performance. The Roadrunner Tablet is perfect for both work and play with its convenient kickstand that guarantees completely hands-free reading and video watching anytime.



Fast Lane

Booth # 1936

IT & Technical Training for all major vendors

Fast Lane is the worldwide leader in advanced IT training. We deliver vender-authorized courses from major technology vendors including Cisco, NetApp, Microsoft and many others. Whether in single courses or in comprehensive programs, you will be taught by vendor certified instructors who are experts in their field. You will gain hands-on experience with complex technologies in one of the world’s largest remote lab environments. No matter what technology training challenge you face, Fast Lane can help!



Owl Computing Technologies

Booth # 2012

Owl Cross Domain Small Form Factor (OCDS-SFF)

Owl Perimeter Defense Solution (OPDS-100D)

Miniaturized Perimeter Defense Solution (MPDS-RS232)

Owl Computing Technologies specializes in hardware-enforced; UCDSMO validated and accredited Cross Domain Solutions. For 17 years Owl has been implementing cybersecurity solutions for critical networks and has over 2,000 successful deployments globally across intelligence, government, military, and critical infrastructure networks. Our solutions protect your network from the enterprise level (OCDS-SFF) down to smaller tactical environments (MPDS-RS232). Miniaturized solutions can be mounted into UAS/ISA/Sensor equipment while our card systems support data rates of up to 10Gbps. These products secure low to high and high to low transfers of real-time data, streaming radar information, high definition weather imagery, satellite communications and database transactions.

Owl Cross Domain Small Form Factor (OCDS-SFF)

Owl Perimeter Defense Solutions-100D

Miniaturized Perimeter Defense Solution (MPDS-RS232)



Booth 2042

Underwater diver-held sonar and navigation systems. Diver delivery systems. Underwater remotely/autonomously  operated vehicles.

Since 1984 Shark Marine Technologies Inc. has been a world leader in Underwater Technologies. Diver delivery systems, remotely and autonomously operated vehicles and portable sensor systems, highlight our focus. Our Navigator diver-held system puts the power of sonar and navigation directly into his hands. Our universal Divelog software covers all our platforms and provides the users with complete situational awareness.




Booth # 2131

Core Network Services (DNS, DHCP, IP) Secure DNS to deliver visibility, protection and response

Infoblox delivers critical network services that protect Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure, automate cloud deployments, and increase the reliability of enterprise and service provider networks around the world. As the industry leader in DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, the category known as DDI, Infoblox reduces the risk and complexity of networking. Our solutions help over 8,100 enterprises and service providers in 25 countries control their networks.




Aspera, an IBM Company

Booth 2132

Aspera Files™

Aspera Files™ is a groundbreaking SaaS solution for sharing large files and data sets directly from cloud and on premise storage – located anywhere, to anywhere, with anyone. It unifies Aspera’s most advanced core technologies into a simple solution that helps businesses of any size – from small organizations to the global enterprise.