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Used on naval vessels worldwide the Azdec system is a short range digitally encoded infra-red communication system used for secure and interference free mobile voice communications. Highly secure and immune to conventional jamming the system emits no radio frequencies that may be intercepted or cause interference with other systems.


  • AZDEC Infra-Com (IR) Voice Communication System
    Azdec Infra-Com is a short range two way voice communications system using infra red (IR) to give secure, cordless/wireless, interference free communication for use in commercial and military applications....

  • There are a number of different variants available,

    all are compliant to EMC Def Stan and Mil Std while military

    versions can be compliant to Def Stan 59-41 NEMP survivability. As

    transmissions are in the infra red range ship borne installations have

    no difficulty passing TEMPEST requirements, a particular problem for

    conventional radio systems used on bridges or operations rooms.

    The main advantages of infra red communications are security and

    safety. Short range infra red is virtually impossible to intercept or

    jam and is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

    The mobile user wears a headset with a belt mounted battery

    pack containing the controls. Voice information is encoded within

    a transceiver module mounted on the headset which is then

    transmitted using infra red to an antenna. The user can freely

    walk within an area covered by an antenna and have full duplex

    voice communication with another user in the area or to a remote

    location such as a control room. Large areas can be covered by

    using multiple antennas daisy chained from a base station.

    The area of coverage can be quite clearly defined as an antenna has

    a very predictable coverage pattern.

    The use of digital encoding ensures that the infra red power being

    transmitted is very low with the system being given a Class 1 LED

    product designation and posing no health hazard to users.