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Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC

Ridgefield,  CT 
United States
  • Booth: 2012


For over 16 years Owl Computing Technologies has been implementing next generation cybersecurity solutions for critical networks. Owl's DualDiode Technology boasts 24 technology patents and has over 2,000 successful deployments globally across intelligence, government, military, financial services, utility, energy and other critical infrastructure networks. Owl's hardware-enforced technology ensures secure networks and enables the reliable and robust transfer of all data types and file sizes.

 Press Releases

  • Ridgefield, Connecticut, March 19, 2015 – Owl Computing Technologies, Inc., a network security solutions provider, is proud to announce the launch of its Enterprise Packet Transfer Service (EPTS) for use in securing large, high-speed enterprise networks.

    One of the first installations was for a U. S. Department of Defense command that had a need to perform meta-data analytics on the entire data stream traversing a ten gigabit network gateway. Deployed in conjunction with Owl’s patented DualDiode Technology®, the EPTS is now securely transferring high volume data in a constant, steady stream from an unclassified network to a classified network. Several additional deployments are planned.

    In this deployment the EPTS is transferring raw Ethernet packets. This novel approach creates a highly efficient and secure transfer method that allows EPTS to operate at full line rate and match the data speeds of the gateway.

    Utilizing a previously accepted and approved solution, Owl adapted its DualDiode solution to quickly obtain the necessary approvals for operational deployment. The DualDiode platform also inherently supports network health monitoring, external threat checking, and intrusion analysis.
    About Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.
    Owl Computing Technologies is the leading source for next generation network security. Owl’s DualDiode® Technology, a proprietary data diode, has been successfully deployed in over 1500 solutions across government, military and critical infrastructure networks. Owl’s hardware--‐enforced technology enables secure, reliable and robust information sharing for all files sizes and data types.


  • Owl Cross Domain Small Form Factor (OCDS-SFF)
    Owl Cross Domain Solution - Small Form Factor is a one-way data transfer solution, supporting multiple data types & formats concurrently across a single compact, rack-mountable chassis....

  • Operational Use

    The task of moving critical data between networks of varying security levels and security policies continues to evolve. The security boundary requiring protection may be in the enterprise data center, in a field-forward CP, perhaps even in the mobile vehicle. Multiple types of data must cross the domain edge. Owl CDS SFF is designed to satisfy the need for robust one-way functionality in a small form-factor, (low size, weight and power, swap) integrated package.

    Product Description

    Owl Cross Domain Solution - Small Form Factor is a one-way data transfer solution, supporting multiple data types & formats concurrently across a single compact, rackmountable chassis. Within the 1U (1.75") high chassis, the easy-to-deploy Owl CDSSFF integrates complete Send-only and Receive-only server engines connected via custom-designed Owl proprietary DualDiode Technology. Send & Receive servers are connected via an internal fiber optic link and has flexible throughtput tiers of 155Mbps, 310Mbps, 630Mbps or 1000 Mbps(1Gbps).


    • Single platform simplifies installation & operation
    • Integrated platform functionality minimizes changes to legacy networks
    • Single chassis/multi-connection support of varied application interfaces reduces total cost of ownership
    • Secure and simple administration


    • Multiple concurrent connections for multiple data types
    • Multiple simultaneous full motion video sessions
    • Support for TCP/IP, UDP & file formatted data
    • Robust 2.16Ghz servers IP filtering & white listing
    • Discrete separation of networks with built-in fiber optic isolation
    • Single multi-function 1U 19-inch rackmountable
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system secured to government standards
    • Role based access control