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DataLocker, Inc.

Overland Park,  KS 
United States
  • Booth: 909


DataLocker delivers advanced encryption solutions that protect sensitive data in the hands of a mobile workforce. DataLocker offers hardware and cloud-based encryption solutions for government, military and enterprise clients around the globe. DataLocker combines superior convenience and usability with state of the art security. From encrypted external drives and optical media to secure cloud storage solutions, DataLocker makes it easy to control, transport and share confidential information.


  • SafeConsole
    SafeConsole is a secure software management platform designed to provide IT administrators a way to centrally manage the encrypted endpoints deployed throughout their organization....

  • Reset passwords remotely over any channel. Administrators can get remote offline users back to work within minutes, without any loss of stored data.

    Ensure that all data is protected by strong compliant password policies.

    See who did what, when and where with device auditing. Know what files have been copied to, changed or deleted from the devices.

    Lock down a secure USB drive after a configurable period of inactivity. Forgotten drives that are left behind in a computer will automatically lock down according to the set policy.

    A white-list approach prevents the storage of unauthorized file-types. Rogue files cannot reside on a SafeConsoleReady Device as it only allows storage of file-types specified by the administrator in the SafeConsole settings.

    The onboard autorun-protection that chokes self-copying viruses such as StuxNet and Conficker – by denying unauthorized autorun files from residing on the drive altogether.

    With Write Protection, users can set their drive in a read-only mode when unlocking it on non trusted machines and thereby gain protection from malware trying to infect the drive or its content.

    Using IP-based location tracking, pinpoint the exact location of your encrypted endpoints anywhere in the world. With SafeConsole, you can also geofence your devices making them accessible only within specific geographic boundaries.